16 blackjack hit of stand

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Most players with this hand avoid hitting the hand because the possibility to bust is very high. There is also the 16 which is made up with an Ace that is a soft 16. According to the basic blackjack strategy, the player has to sta

Blackjack Strategy Chart 2020 – When to Hit & Stand Blackjack is the most popular casino table game of all drawing in countless numbers of hungry players both in the brick and mortar casino, and in online casinos. You will still need to risk busting and you should hit 9 or less, hit 12-16, and stand at 17+. Dealer's Card is a 4, 5 or 6. This is not good for the dealer because a bust is very likely to happen. The key is to not get a bust, and it's wise to double down with a 9, 10, or 11. You have to hit 8 or less and stand 12+. Dealer's Card is a 3 Blackjack Strategy Hit Or Stand On 16 and exciting Blackjack Strategy Hit Or Stand On 16themes adorned with spectacular graphics, sound effects, and progressive jackpots make them a winning choice for any casino lover! With so many amazing online slot Jun 15, 2014 · The fact that you should stand on multi-card 16 vs. dealer 10 (or 16 as the result of a pair split, even if two cards), doesn't mean that it's mathematically correct to stand on every three-card 16 vs. 10. The toughest hand of them all always hit #shorts The dealer must always hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 or more. Just as the dealer must follow certain rules, so must you. The difference is that the dealer has the casino watching over him to ensure he will follow the rules. You only have yourself. For hard 16 vs a 10, we're given a Weird rule: "Hit a two card hard 16, but Stand a three card hard 16." Hmmm, Ok, so we're supposed to Hit a hard 16 into 10 when our hand's made up of only two cards (10-6 or 9-7 only; 8-8's a split), but Stand a hard 16 into 10 when our hand's made up of 3 or more cards (say, 7-6-3, or whatever).

A blackjack game has a dealer and one or more players. the hole card and plays the hand with a fixed strategy: hit on 16 or less and stand on 17 or more.

4 Jan 2013 strategy, tells you to hit your 16, because in the long run, you will lose less money compared to standing. However, what traditional basic strategy  12 Nov 2018 The rule of thumb in most games of casino blackjack is that the dealer always hits a total of 16 or less and always stands on a total of 17 or  9 Jan 2019 This means that the dealer will hit a 16 or lower and they will stay on a 17 and higher. By displaying the words “stand on all 17's”, the casino  17 Jan 2018 The casino—the dealer—also gets two cards, and must stand (stop you have to assume the dealer has a made hand, so you hit on 16 or less 

Feb 16, 2011 · As can be found in the basic strategy, it is advised that players should always hit 16 when dealer has the up-card with value above 7, but it seems easy to bust with 16 in hand. Thus, many people are confused about hitting or standing with such a high probability of busting. Actually, when the dealer has a 10 up, he'll bust 23 times out of 100.

Nov 08, 2017 · Stand on 16 (instead of surrendering) against a dealer’s 10 upcard. In a single-deck game with s17, hit a 9 plus 7 against a dealer’s Ace upcard (instead of surrender). Additionally, if the hard 16 is the result of a pair split, then stand (instead of hit). REASON FOR THE STRATEGY Hit, and your soft 16 is nearly a breakeven hand with an average loss of only eight-tenth s of a percent. By standing on soft 16, the player at my table turned a nearly neutral hand into a just another awful 16. **Ace-5 vs. 10: The average loss is 54.0 cents if you stand, and that’s reduced to 21.0 cents if you hit.

18 Jun 2015 Commission says blackjack dealers can 'hit' on 17 but rules change casinos must draw a card at 16 or below, and must now stand on all 17s.

Hitting your hand would be your best bet whenever the dealer has a 2, 7, 8, 9, sixteen hand, you should stand if the dealer's up card is a 2, 3, 4, 5 or a 6, hit if 


If you stand on a 16, you're not betting that's enough to beat the dealer, you're betting the dealer will bust. Your odds of winning by standing on a 16 vs. a dealers 7, are the exact same odds of winning by standing on an 11 (5-6). You can't win unless the dealer bust. Pushing is impossible by standing on 16 In general the stand-on-3+-card 16 rule applies only to a 10 upcard (and obviously you always stand on hard 16 vs. a low upcard). There may be a few obscure composition-dependent exceptions for the other upcards (especially in pitch games) but in general unless you're counting you'd always hit 16 vs. 7-9 or A. IDEASAID Forum - Member Profile > Profile Page. User: Blackjack hit 13 against 3, blackjack hit or stand on 15, Title: New Member, About: Blackjack hit 13 against 3 & May 03, 2012 · If you’re new to the game, we recommend following one simple rule to know when to hit or stand in Blackjack. If the dealer is showing a 7, 8, 9, or 10, and your two cards are less than 16, you should hit at the Blackjack tables. When to stand at the Blackjack tables. When you choose to stand, you’re choosing to not take any cards. first, for 16 vs 9. Stand, your ev is -.54, which is why surrender (-.50) is a better play. Hit is -.51, still worse than surrender, but better than standing. the 16 vs 9 index play is hit at +4 or less, stand at +5 or higher. 16 and below - Dealer must hit on any hand valued at 16 and below Hit or Stand - Players have the basic choice of adding a card to their hand (hitting) or not (standing) to reach a final hand